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Legislative Agenda & Scorecard
The Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association is dedicated to preserving the right to keep and bear arms for all Oklahomans.  Each year we request and support legislation including major initiatives such as Constitutional Carry and Campus Carry.  Click the buttons below to learn more about our Legislative Agenda.  A full list of bills being filed for the 2017 Legislative Session will be posted in January.  You can click the Session link below to see a calendar of deadlines for the upcoming session.  You can also review our 2015 & 2016 Legislative Scorecard.
Legislative Agenda
Legislative Session
Legislative Scorecard
Exposing Rep Christian's
Anti-Gun Bias
Is Mike Christian As Pro-Gun As He Claims?
Recently Rep. Mike Christian, a candidate for Oklahoma County Sheriff, recently touted his support of the Constitution and the 2nd
Amendment as one reason Oklahoma County voters should elect him as their Sheriff.  But, does Rep. Christian really support the 2nd Amendment?  Watch this video to discover the truth about Mike Christian's 2nd Amendment record.