Bills Requested by OK2A
Change to the Oklahoma Constitution strengthening protection for the right to keep and bear arms - HJR1009, SJR20
SDA handgun licensees allowed to carry on public college campuses - HB1143, SB461, SB557
Private colleges to set own weapons policies - HB1265, SB400, SB461
Clean up language in law relating to reciprocity - HB1264
Capitol Carry: SDA handgun licensees allowed to carry in the State Capitol - HB1324, SB461
Car Carry: bill to allow carry of handgun in cars without SDA handgun license - HB1325, SB88, SB461, SB529, SB530
Make state knife laws preempt local knife laws - HB1460
Prevent police from restraining gun owner on his/her private property unless involved in a crime - HB1478
Rewrite SDA handgun licensing procedures - HB1936
Remove non-secured state and local government buildings from SDA list of prohibited places - SB100, SB108, SB461
Remove switchblades from list of prohibited weapons - SB91, SB198
Update SDA definitions allowing for shot shells to be fired in pistols - SB41
Remove state law requiring SDA applicants to give their Social Security Number on the application - SB56
Add long guns and shot guns to K-12 parking lot law - SB89
Require colleges and universities to inform students of their right to request permission to carry on campus if they have an SDA handgun license - SB212
Other Bills OK2A Supports
Forbids public employees from lobbying against the right to keep and bear arms with public funds - HB1730, SB582
Requires schools to use common sense in dealing with students with shirts or other items with the likeness of a firearm on them -
Firearms Freedom Act: if the firearm is made in Oklahoma, sold in Oklahoma, and stays in Oklahoma, the federal government is precluded from regulating it - SB10
Prohibits OSBI from denying handgun licenses for applicants with misdemeanor drug conviction more than 10 years old - SB164
Allows Department of Corrections employees with an SDA handgun license to keep their weapon locked in their vehicle while parked on a DOC parking lot - SB525
Changes police notification requirement for SDA handgun licensees from the licensee notifying law enforcement at first opportunity to notifying law enforcement if and when asked if licensee is in possession of a firearm - SB554
Allow for suppressed hunting on public land - SB555
Military and law enforcement would be able to provide their military or law enforcement ID number instead of an exemption certificate to obtain an SDA handgun license - SB625
Full-time college students attending Oklahoma colleges would qualify for resident prices when purchasing hunting licenses - SB632
Military personnel 21 years and older could carry with their military ID and no handgun license - SB735
Allows for the use of restricted bullets in hunting - SB736
Method for pardoned felons to have rights restored - SB798
Allow for portions of the SDA handgun class to be taught online - HB1391
Bills OK2A Opposes in Current Form
HB1030- Out of state handgun licenses invalid for Oklahoma residents
HB1093- Police officers would be able to demand ID from all occupants of a vehicle during a traffic stop