Introduced Bills

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OK2A Requested Bills
HB1009 (Rep Cleveland) - Changes procedures for Game Wardens
HB1104 (Rep Cleveland) - Changes who can carry in Courthouses
HB1405 (Rep Dollens) - Changes who can carry knives
HB1428 (Rep Hilbert) - Military carry
HB1556 (Rep Faught) - Changes liability for colleges
HB1798 (Rep S Roberts) - Changes laws concerning feral hog erradication
HB1803 (Rep S Roberts) - 2nd Amendment Protection Act
HB1721 (Rep Moore) - Bus carry
HB1935 (Rep Bennett) - Capitol carry
HB2321 (Rep Coody) - Constitutional Carry
HB2322 (Rep Coody) - Changes state preemption statutes
HB2323 (Rep Coody) - Car carry
SB11 (Sen Brecheen) - SDA licensing reform
SB35(Sen David) - Military carry
SB36 (Sen Bergstrom) - Changes the definition of a pistol
SB40 (Sen Bergstrom) - Changes statute dealing with felony pointing
SB43 (Sen Leewright) - Repeal OSBI administrative penalty fine
SB65 (Sen Dahm) - 2nd Amendment Protection Act
SB66 (Sen Dahm) - Capitol carry
SB67 (Sen Dahm) - Firearms Freedom Act
SB79 (Sen Scott) - Changes statute on illegal aliens carrying
SB274 (Sen Dahm) - Changes state preemption statutes
SB275 (Sen Dahm) - Changes statute on "offensive" weapons
SB276 (Sen Silk) - Changes who can carry in Courthouses
SB288 (Sen Dossett) - Changes statute dealing with professional drivers carrying
SB327 (Sen Dahm) - Changes procedures for Game Wardens
SB378 (Sen Brecheen) - Car carry
SB379 (Sen Brecheen) - 2nd Amendment Protection Act
SB380 (Sen Sykes) - Campus carry
SB381 (Sen Dahm) - Constitutional carry
SB383 (Sen Brecheen) - Constitutional carry
SB385 (Sen Sykes) - Changes state preemption statutes
SB397 (Sen Loveless) - Bus carry
SB497 (Sen Shortey) - Car carry
SB615 (Sen Dahm) - Changes law concerning feral hog erradication

Other 2A Bills Filed
HB1450 (Rep D Roberts) - Military carry
HB1550 (Rep Faught) - Changes statute dealing with firearm storage in motorcycles
HB1600 (Rep Enns) - Campus carry
HB1601 (Rep Enns) - Changes statute dealing with feral hog erradication
HB1608 (Rep Enns) - Changes carry statutes
HB1934 (Rep Bennett) - Changes statutes concerning DOC
SB12 (Sen Brecheen) - Changes statutes dealing with private campus security
SB63 (Sen Sharpe) - NICS background check
SB338 (Sen Boggs) - Changes statutes dealing with feral hog erradication
SB386 (Sen Sykes) - 2nd Amendment Protection Act
SB507 (Sen Loveless) - Changes statutes dealing with hunting fees


2017 Legislative Calendar

Session Convenes: Monday, February 6
Deadline for Bills to be heard in Chamber of Origin: Thursday, March 16
Deadline for Bills to be heard in Opposite Chamber: Thursday, April 27
Sine Die ADjournment: Friday, May 26 by 5:00 pm