Oklahoma's Premier Second Amendment Advocacy Group

What we do:
  • Maintain a daily presence at the State Capitol during the legislative session.
  • Bring together the best and brightest, including legislators, attorneys, law professors, and Second Amendment experts, to craft sound public policy.
  • Provide research and wording to legislators for Second Amendment legislation.
  • Organize grassroots to support pro Second Amendment legislation.
  • Educate legislators, the media, and the public about the Founders' intent concerning the Second Amendment.
Some of our successes:
  • Commercial gun ranges are immune from liability when an accident occurs at no fault of the range or its personnel.
  • SDA permit holders may now keep their weapon locked in their vehicle while at a K-12 school or a Career Tech campus.
  • The governing bodies of private schools now may set weapons policies for their facilities.
  • Oklahoma is now an open carry state.
  • In total, the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association has helped pass almost 40 different pro-gun measures through the legislative process.  No other 2A group in Oklahoma can boast such a resume.
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