OK2A.org's Legislative Accomplishments
Yes, there are other "gun groups" in Oklahoma.  So, why should you support OK2A.org?  No other gun-rights group in Oklahoma has the record of success that OK2A.org has.  As the only group with a daily presence at the State Capitol (not even the NRA can say that), we have worked tirelessly to advance the rights of gun owners in Oklahoma and it has paid off.  Here is a list of the initiatives that OK2A has helped pass, most of which OK2A actually requested and provided the language for (these bills have an asterisk in front of them).

Right to Keep & Bear Arms Issues:
  • *Businesses given immunity from liability for allowing patrons to carry
  • *Employees given immunity from liability for allowing employees to carry
  • *Places of worship given immunity from liability for allowing carry in their facilities
  • *Clarification of penalty for carrying in an establishment that is marked no carry: it is a simple trespass violation (some law enforcement agencies and DA's were attempting to prosecute these violations as crimes)
  • *Temporary permit for people with a Victim's Protective Order
  • *Removed spring assisted knives from list of prohibited weapons
  • *Meetings dropped from list of prohibited places
  • Added places of business to Castle Doctrine
  • *SDA permit holders allowed to keep weapon in locked vehicle while at a Vo-Tech
  • *Private property rights of private schools restored so they are able to set their own weapons policies for their facilities.
  • *Private schools given immunity from liability for allowing staff and visitors to carry.
  • *Illegal for state or local government to confiscate or restrict otherwise legal use of weapons, ammunition, and accessories during a declared state of emergency (includes ability to file a civil lawsuit against the parties involved if this law is broken)
  • *Clarification of law to include ammo in section requiring employers to allow employees to keep their weapon in their locked car while at work (this was in response to a hospital policy forbidding employees from having ammunition in their car while they were at work - they allowed weapons, but not ammo, because the law only specifically mentioned the weapon)
  • *Private property rights restored by recognizing the right of property owners to carry an unconcealed weapon without a permit on their property outside of their dwelling place for the purpose of self-defense
  • *SDA licenses mailed directly to first-time applicant rather than to the Sheriff
  • *Residents & military personnel who are out of the country no longer have to surrender their permit
  • Suppressed hunting
  • People from non-permitting states (constitutional carry states) may carry their concealed firearm in Oklahoma using their driver's license as a permit
  • Established Second Amendment Day in Oklahoma - June 28th.
  • *Open carry
  • *Peace officers allowed to open carry with SDA license
  • *Changed required police notification for SDA permit holder from first contact to first opportunity
  • *Prohibited law enforcement from detaining or removing the weapon from SDA permit holder
  • *Prohibited law enforcement and local authorities from treating open carry as disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, or any other similar offense against the public order
  • *Businesses that do not allow carry must mark their doors
  • *Removed OSBI administrative fine on SDA permit holders for failing to notify police they were carrying (this was essentially a double fine because you had the criminal fine and the OSBI fine - now the permit holder is only punished once)
Industry Issues:
  • *Removed requirement for SDA instructors to be re-fingerprinted every time they renew their license.
  • *Allow SDA instructors to apply for 10-year or 5-year license instead of only a 5-year license
  • *Clarified that the limit of 10 students per instructor was only on the range portion and not on the classroom portion of the SDA class.
  • Immunity for gun ranges from liability when an accident occurs that was no fault of the range or its personnel.
Anti liberty measures defeated:
  • Bill adding public parks and recreational facilities during a youth sporting activity to the list of SDA prohibited place.
  • Bill forbidding Oklahoma residents from carrying with an out of state carry permit.
  • Bill extending residency requirement from six-months to one-year to obtain a lifetime hunting license.
  • Bill allowing Attorney General and Assistant Attorney's General to disregard private property rights by giving them the power to carry anywhere in the state whether on duty or off duty (this would mean in your house while off duty and without a warrant).
  • Bill allowing Police Chiefs to disregard private property rights by giving them the power to carry anywhere in the state while on or off duty (this would mean in your house while off duty and without a warrant)